Needed a laugh. One was provided!

These people were told of copyright laws and told that there would be files happening in case they didn’t stop using the notice in which one of their employees stole.  So, my atty advised them through me.  one of the owners broke the TOS and passed the message on to someone else.

This person claims he is an Attorney and has been for so many years.. each time he makes the claim the length of time changes.. (LOL).  He was all puffed up self important and sure so wrong in his statement.. I had a good laugh.  I am so positive he is not only not an attorney, but is just a stupid blow hard who thinks he is all that.  Abusive manner, condesending, blown up pompous ass.

He wonders why no women will stay with him.. so many reasons.  1. he is an ass  2. self righteous idiot  3. bully  4. potty mouth in a inappropriate place  5.  Is so full of it, it is just too funny. 6. Cheater  7. liar 8. tries to make people change into what he wants, like they have no free will.  9.  totally condescending.  That is why no one stays with him.

Any way.  will keep reporting the use of my property and if I need to will file the DMCA.  and get the lawyer to file a suit in rl.

Shakes my head on how stupid people can be.. what is illegal in rl is just as illegal in second life.

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I can’t believe how very un-trustworthy people have become.  When something is made by  someone, it is their property.. Not yours to use as you please.. especially if they sell for a living.. and even if they don’t, without their permission using their stuff or item is theft.

Made a design months ago for notices.  My property.. someone if not two decided to use it without asking me.  When asked to stop, they childishly blocked me and kept on using it.  Now, I am not an unreasonable person, but that was blatant theft.  with the added insult that i will block you and still use your item.. (LOL)…

How childish or down right unkind can a person be?  Me thinks they should move back to where they came, cause it is sure not MN nice to do such stuff.. so maybe should go back home.. LOL.. I am MN nice.. mostly.. but I won’t let someone walk all over me, take advantage of me, shove their beliefs down my throat.. etc etc….

So, what does it take to make someone stop from stealing, and passing it on to others as was done this morning?  i guess it takes a LAW… Federal LAW to be exact.. and an official person to tell them such..  Ya gotta wonder.. about such people..  hopefully they learned their lesson and will no longer use the property they stole..  Right?

Also, if it were my club.. she would have been fired as well as the manager who condoned it..

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Backwood’s Country Club

What a week… Meeting with the owners of Backwood’s Country Club.. was going quite well until…

Candi.crazyboi, the general manager.. went well crazy.. she claimed I was blackmailing her.. She had promised me a job.. then was at that point reneging on it.. I said why? She claimed she had given me too much to do.. when in fact all she was doing was backing out of her promise. Candi it seems is your friend until you don’t suit her needs anymore.. then she attacks.. In local chat she started swearing at me. Making crazy claims, shouting and being a total nut case.. The bosses said nothing.. I reacted in voice.. (with no swearing) could not believe what she was saying.. I do know had it been my club.. and my GM started swearing like a pirate.. she would have been out on her ear.. She fired me from the Club..

Have been thinking about this and realized..

When at the other club.. she:

Didn’t know how to set the music

Didn’t know how to change the staff info

when made suggestions for bringing in people, they were totally put down saying the owners would not allow.. when in fact it was her not wanting to do the work.  I offered to have an event there for Relay For Life.. she flatly rejected it and said she would get a team of her own.. (NEVER HAPPENED).. I shake my head at all the things that were passed up so she didn’t have to do anything but flirt.. and stand there in the club..

DJ’s quit there as well.. for reasons that are known only to most of the DJ’s who quit.. one quit because she had no clue how to put him in the music machine to make it work so he could log in.. never were the owners contacted to put him in.. etc.. basically could not be bothered to do the job right.. now wonder they fired her..

At Backwood’s Country – the boss wanted a pic of the club.. I said I would take it for him.. She said she did already and the pic as far as I could see had never been used.. so she probably told him I just didn’t do it.. I have the pic to prove i did take one..   poaching people to work at the other club and telling us we had to work at both places.. I didn’t want to work at both.. one was enough.. I do have a life outside of the club.. even if she only passes on her work to others so she can chase the other owner.. like assigning the other shift manager to go out and poach hosts for her.. hmmm thought that was her job..

I had created a design for posting my notices.. she stole that from me.. and gave it to the other host.. Nothing is safe from this person.. theft.. lies and watch out ladies.. your men..

Have many ideas’s for bringing in people.. but all rejected as if only she can have ideas which she seems to never come up with.. at this club I would have organized a Halloween party.. I know how to make it so the bots don’t come to the club.. and would have given my staff lists of their duties and what is expected of them instead of them having to wing it.. While this club was trying to get into swing.. she was off trying to swoon the owner of another club.. suggesting he wanted to be with her.. They have basically no dj’s and only one or two I think his partner would resent her trying to take him..

So, fired from Backwood’s Country.. Yes I was tired.. for goodness sake had just had surgery.. but so much better now.. I so would not have misrepresented myself as she has.. organized.. NOT… idea’s… NOT… able to run staff… NOT… lie yes, cheat yes, and such a potty mouth for a so called woman.. yes this is harsh.. yes it is very appropriate.. I don’t want anyone else in SL to fall for the fake ability of the GM.. who is good at taking the money.. but not good at doing the job…

Truth from the old job.. before her computer failed.. she was fired before it went down.. Thats right .. FIRED… LOL

Guess if Backwood’s Country Club wants that representing their new club.. I feel so very bad for them.. can see FAIL on the horizon.. so many DJ’s have already quit..


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Working at Gerri Auctions

Been an auctioneer at Gerri Auctions as an Auctioneer and a CSR.  I loved working there.. it was so much fun.  Tiring but fun.

I Guess I no longer work there..   Had a disagreement with the manager and it was blown way out.

I could tell you about the anger I feel, I could tell you about the lies that were told about me.. but that would not do any one any good.

The owner Gerrit, is a sweet man.. who loves everyone.  until you make him mad.  Unfortunately I am not the one who lied to him and made him angry with me.  He and i had an agreement.  The manager, (Mylush) told him i had quit it all.. She has muted me, would not talk to me, her partner Runn would come to my auctions and tell me what i was doing wrong.  Then would run back to her and say I was doing just awful and that went to Gerrit as well, since she didn’t bother to ever come to my auctions as she promised.

Gerri does not speak english well, and is learning (bless his heart).  He believes pretty much anything lush tells him.  (big mistake).  I hate to see anyone take advantage of any situation what so ever and playing on him not understanding, making fun of it and using it to an advantage is just wrong.  But being the kind man he is.. he is also gullible..

Now I am not perfect.. I have my faults.. I was never given what was promised. as follows:

  1. Training.. as an auctioneer
  2. Help in building the auction
  3. The one pm auction in the first place (pushed aside for two!, two people).
  4. Took months for the promised groups to show up, and some were never done ie. wk auctions
  5. Was promised the CSR job as well, but heard said that they would be so happy when a sick employee would be back.
  6. The sploder
  7. The assistant manager positoion   (was given the title and expected to protect another auctioneers auction as well as the others.. (without the pay).. from griefers that we were told were from another auction.
  8. Was told they were replacing me with another auctioneer, by two people.
  9. Things were told to another auctioneer about a job, but not told to me.
  10. Always secrets, can’t understand that.  I when asked what happened will not hide it or lie for this individual.
  11. Fortunately blogging is freedom of speech and they can’t stop me.. LOL..
  12. Since Mr. Gerrit thinks I lied to him.. (Big mistake).. I guess I don’t work there anymore.. wish he would see what is happening.. and realize he is being played.. with his language deficit..and being made fun of for it.. (i.e.. “Gerrit believes anything I tell him”.  “Gerrit will always protect me”.  “He trusts me with his life!” wish he could understand and see the truth.. but in time.. he will..
  13. She has made up lies accusing me of bashing Gerrit.. I never said anything bad about Gerrit.. he and I had an agreement..  she lied to him and said I quit all.
  14. Some one is claiming I was bashing Gerrit and them.. well that just didn’t happen.  This is what was said period..  ? I can’t do this.. I have to leave here.. I was told I am not good enough to do this job, (all the time crying).  I am so sorry, I will refund your money.  I want to thank you all for letting me call your cats.. but I must go..”  Not one word of bashing.. period.. was as gracious at possible with tears..
  15. Then Gerrit talked me out of it.. we made an agreement.. Then Lush told Gerrit that i had bashed him and her and quit the whole thing.. which is not true, since she was not there and actually she got information from someone who decided they were gonna tattle.. hahaha.. pathetic..
  16. Then Gerrit tells me Lush told him I had said I quit it all.. she not only lied to him.. she didn’t have guts enough to talk to me.. she muted me and oh did say ignoring you till things calm down… just a lie.. Her bf.. Runns..his mouth about everyone and she buys it.. she is not ever there to do her job.. waited for months for training.. then promises of help with the one never came.. but Runn was there to throw his two cents in there to tell her i am not good.. lol.. she never heard me call… so.. so much for honesty at Gerri’s.. and fairness..
  17. and lets not forget.. my neighbor came to me and said he had told her she is an alt.. well the only way that could be known is if he is using the banned software.. so.. again.. so much for honesty..
  18. If I had been given this kind of help.. maybe the auction would have came together pretty fast.. but.. nothing promised was done to help me..GREAT REOPENING 04 PM WK AUCTION Gerri
    Thu, Jun 30 2016 12:53:12 PM PDT

    04 PM daily Wild Kajaera AUCTION Gerri
    ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●
    ● Auctioneer 04 PM:
    ● grab your Panel early!
    ● Gerri – oldest Auctionhouse in SL
    ● Gerri (210,72,23)
    ● 04 PM DAILY WK-AUCTION Gerri
    ● Gerri – Home of leading Breeders
    ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

leaving out the name of the auctioneer that was brought in to replace me.. then moved to the 4 pm..

Anyway.. due to lack of management doing their job, and accusations by an outsider.. I am out of a job.. even though it is a breach of contract and with the accusations.. something can be done..legally.. but.. who knows .. maybe it is enough to let nature take it course.. and sit back and watch..

On a personal note.. don’t expect to get anything that is promised.. was promised a certain cat.. Never happened.. also, the Relay For Life Donations were not given to me for Relay.


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Tree house

Tree house

New at LA DESIGNS. our first tree house. for a limited time a special price as well.. two days only…
Partial MESH!

Address for Rez Vendor:

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New project for SL Top Designers and Customers.

LA DESIGNS is a variety store, where as we have learned to build at Builders Brewery, purchased textures from Twisted Thorn Textures, purchased Sculpty from a number of Sculpt stores.  as well as purchasing textures from many other Texture stores.  We have used Templates and products from Trendy Templates..  What this woman and man from Womenstuff and Homestuff have said is that the textures and builds in which were all made by our Designers are basically Bad…  We feel really bad for these people that they are so bitter that they can do this to others.. My gosh, when you put down LA DESIGNS, you are putting down all these other stores, designers, creators as well as our customers… I am proud of our work here, and we have loyal customers whom purchase our stuff.  Not just our stuff at LA DESIGNS,  but the stores in which we purchase from to create out products..  A Highly respected Model teacher has told us our clothing is very good and we should be having shows.  So, when a group takes it upon themselves to judge others and decide what the mass of people want and shove their own taste down people’s throats, you have to wonder what they are thinking… and you have to wonder what motivates them to attack our stores..  I feel sorry for them… they are just like Hitler in deciding what is the perfect race, type and design that the people must have.  Shame on you…  SL is not different from the real world.. and the Discrimination needs to stop here as well as the real world.  So, I proudly present…  LA Designs… 

We will be looking for people to participate in a new group, one that does not discriminate against new designers, established designers or anyone whatsoever.  After all.. we can make life in SL Better than the real world.. and rid us of those whom think they need to put down, control and belittle others….  Alexis Fairlady…

Contact me if you are interested in working on the No-Discrimination project…

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A shame of SL…. Discrimination full Blown..

By insulting my builds and my creations, they are insulting the people whom I purchase Textures from, templates, sculpts, and mesh makers.. The people whom are managers of the  group are not even builders.  It is truly a shame that some feel they have to judge others.. the group charges to be a member and then I was personally attacked by two of the managers.  My attorney says I can file a case for discrimination.  I just may do that… But, I am feeling sorry for these people who think they are batter than others… may they reap what they Sow!  

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