New project for SL Top Designers and Customers.

LA DESIGNS is a variety store, where as we have learned to build at Builders Brewery, purchased textures from Twisted Thorn Textures, purchased Sculpty from a number of Sculpt stores.  as well as purchasing textures from many other Texture stores.  We have used Templates and products from Trendy Templates..  What this woman and man from Womenstuff and Homestuff have said is that the textures and builds in which were all made by our Designers are basically Bad…  We feel really bad for these people that they are so bitter that they can do this to others.. My gosh, when you put down LA DESIGNS, you are putting down all these other stores, designers, creators as well as our customers… I am proud of our work here, and we have loyal customers whom purchase our stuff.  Not just our stuff at LA DESIGNS,  but the stores in which we purchase from to create out products..  A Highly respected Model teacher has told us our clothing is very good and we should be having shows.  So, when a group takes it upon themselves to judge others and decide what the mass of people want and shove their own taste down people’s throats, you have to wonder what they are thinking… and you have to wonder what motivates them to attack our stores..  I feel sorry for them… they are just like Hitler in deciding what is the perfect race, type and design that the people must have.  Shame on you…  SL is not different from the real world.. and the Discrimination needs to stop here as well as the real world.  So, I proudly present…  LA Designs… 

We will be looking for people to participate in a new group, one that does not discriminate against new designers, established designers or anyone whatsoever.  After all.. we can make life in SL Better than the real world.. and rid us of those whom think they need to put down, control and belittle others….  Alexis Fairlady…

Contact me if you are interested in working on the No-Discrimination project…



Owner/Designer LA DESIGNS Love to Build, create and design.
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