I can’t believe how very un-trustworthy people have become.  When something is made by  someone, it is their property.. Not yours to use as you please.. especially if they sell for a living.. and even if they don’t, without their permission using their stuff or item is theft.

Made a design months ago for notices.  My property.. someone if not two decided to use it without asking me.  When asked to stop, they childishly blocked me and kept on using it.  Now, I am not an unreasonable person, but that was blatant theft.  with the added insult that i will block you and still use your item.. (LOL)…

How childish or down right unkind can a person be?  Me thinks they should move back to where they came, cause it is sure not MN nice to do such stuff.. so maybe should go back home.. LOL.. I am MN nice.. mostly.. but I won’t let someone walk all over me, take advantage of me, shove their beliefs down my throat.. etc etc….

So, what does it take to make someone stop from stealing, and passing it on to others as was done this morning?  i guess it takes a LAW… Federal LAW to be exact.. and an official person to tell them such..  Ya gotta wonder.. about such people..  hopefully they learned their lesson and will no longer use the property they stole..  Right?

Also, if it were my club.. she would have been fired as well as the manager who condoned it..



Owner/Designer LA DESIGNS Love to Build, create and design.
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