Needed a laugh. One was provided!

These people were told of copyright laws and told that there would be files happening in case they didn’t stop using the notice in which one of their employees stole.  So, my atty advised them through me.  one of the owners broke the TOS and passed the message on to someone else.

This person claims he is an Attorney and has been for so many years.. each time he makes the claim the length of time changes.. (LOL).  He was all puffed up self important and sure so wrong in his statement.. I had a good laugh.  I am so positive he is not only not an attorney, but is just a stupid blow hard who thinks he is all that.  Abusive manner, condesending, blown up pompous ass.

He wonders why no women will stay with him.. so many reasons.  1. he is an ass  2. self righteous idiot  3. bully  4. potty mouth in a inappropriate place  5.  Is so full of it, it is just too funny. 6. Cheater  7. liar 8. tries to make people change into what he wants, like they have no free will.  9.  totally condescending.  That is why no one stays with him.

Any way.  will keep reporting the use of my property and if I need to will file the DMCA.  and get the lawyer to file a suit in rl.

Shakes my head on how stupid people can be.. what is illegal in rl is just as illegal in second life.



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