Working at Gerri Auctions

Been an auctioneer at Gerri Auctions as an Auctioneer and a CSR.  I loved working there.. it was so much fun.  Tiring but fun.

I Guess I no longer work there..   Had a disagreement with the manager and it was blown way out.

I could tell you about the anger I feel, I could tell you about the lies that were told about me.. but that would not do any one any good.

The owner Gerrit, is a sweet man.. who loves everyone.  until you make him mad.  Unfortunately I am not the one who lied to him and made him angry with me.  He and i had an agreement.  The manager, (Mylush) told him i had quit it all.. She has muted me, would not talk to me, her partner Runn would come to my auctions and tell me what i was doing wrong.  Then would run back to her and say I was doing just awful and that went to Gerrit as well, since she didn’t bother to ever come to my auctions as she promised.

Gerri does not speak english well, and is learning (bless his heart).  He believes pretty much anything lush tells him.  (big mistake).  I hate to see anyone take advantage of any situation what so ever and playing on him not understanding, making fun of it and using it to an advantage is just wrong.  But being the kind man he is.. he is also gullible..

Now I am not perfect.. I have my faults.. I was never given what was promised. as follows:

  1. Training.. as an auctioneer
  2. Help in building the auction
  3. The one pm auction in the first place (pushed aside for two!, two people).
  4. Took months for the promised groups to show up, and some were never done ie. wk auctions
  5. Was promised the CSR job as well, but heard said that they would be so happy when a sick employee would be back.
  6. The sploder
  7. The assistant manager positoion   (was given the title and expected to protect another auctioneers auction as well as the others.. (without the pay).. from griefers that we were told were from another auction.
  8. Was told they were replacing me with another auctioneer, by two people.
  9. Things were told to another auctioneer about a job, but not told to me.
  10. Always secrets, can’t understand that.  I when asked what happened will not hide it or lie for this individual.
  11. Fortunately blogging is freedom of speech and they can’t stop me.. LOL..
  12. Since Mr. Gerrit thinks I lied to him.. (Big mistake).. I guess I don’t work there anymore.. wish he would see what is happening.. and realize he is being played.. with his language deficit..and being made fun of for it.. (i.e.. “Gerrit believes anything I tell him”.  “Gerrit will always protect me”.  “He trusts me with his life!” wish he could understand and see the truth.. but in time.. he will..
  13. She has made up lies accusing me of bashing Gerrit.. I never said anything bad about Gerrit.. he and I had an agreement..  she lied to him and said I quit all.
  14. Some one is claiming I was bashing Gerrit and them.. well that just didn’t happen.  This is what was said period..  ? I can’t do this.. I have to leave here.. I was told I am not good enough to do this job, (all the time crying).  I am so sorry, I will refund your money.  I want to thank you all for letting me call your cats.. but I must go..”  Not one word of bashing.. period.. was as gracious at possible with tears..
  15. Then Gerrit talked me out of it.. we made an agreement.. Then Lush told Gerrit that i had bashed him and her and quit the whole thing.. which is not true, since she was not there and actually she got information from someone who decided they were gonna tattle.. hahaha.. pathetic..
  16. Then Gerrit tells me Lush told him I had said I quit it all.. she not only lied to him.. she didn’t have guts enough to talk to me.. she muted me and oh did say ignoring you till things calm down… just a lie.. Her bf.. Runns..his mouth about everyone and she buys it.. she is not ever there to do her job.. waited for months for training.. then promises of help with the one never came.. but Runn was there to throw his two cents in there to tell her i am not good.. lol.. she never heard me call… so.. so much for honesty at Gerri’s.. and fairness..
  17. and lets not forget.. my neighbor came to me and said he had told her she is an alt.. well the only way that could be known is if he is using the banned software.. so.. again.. so much for honesty..
  18. If I had been given this kind of help.. maybe the auction would have came together pretty fast.. but.. nothing promised was done to help me..GREAT REOPENING 04 PM WK AUCTION Gerri
    Thu, Jun 30 2016 12:53:12 PM PDT

    04 PM daily Wild Kajaera AUCTION Gerri
    ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●
    ● Auctioneer 04 PM:
    ● grab your Panel early!
    ● Gerri – oldest Auctionhouse in SL
    ● Gerri (210,72,23)
    ● 04 PM DAILY WK-AUCTION Gerri
    ● Gerri – Home of leading Breeders
    ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

leaving out the name of the auctioneer that was brought in to replace me.. then moved to the 4 pm..

Anyway.. due to lack of management doing their job, and accusations by an outsider.. I am out of a job.. even though it is a breach of contract and with the accusations.. something can be done..legally.. but.. who knows .. maybe it is enough to let nature take it course.. and sit back and watch..

On a personal note.. don’t expect to get anything that is promised.. was promised a certain cat.. Never happened.. also, the Relay For Life Donations were not given to me for Relay.




Owner/Designer LA DESIGNS Love to Build, create and design.
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